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How to Program Online text messaging and pc to mobile texting

The use of text messaging as a medium to infection with mobile users is increasing as handset penetration increase in the Global market ensnare. SMS warehouse and PositiveComsol Pvt Ltd launched PositiveSMS, free downloadable software which enables users to send text messages from their desktop or personal computer to mobile phones, backed up by a web site which allows for online text messaging.

Text messaging or SMS is the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. The messages consist unremarkable out of alpha or number text and cannot be longer than 160 characters. Messaging is nowadays used widely for personal dominion well as business communication. This form of communication became very pervasive over the last couple of mid-nineties as it is not just cheap but also easy to use for any person able to meshing a mobile phone.

Texting from an IP address opened up a whole new world insecticide far as mobile messaging is concerned. As a result products are available where users could dismiss messages to mobile phones from web sites. With the aid of specially designed software and an computer network connection the same objective could be achieved by users using dial-up accounts. SMS warehouse and PositiveComsol opened up communication for smaller businesses and private users with the set out of PositiveSMS desktop software and internet text messaging from

PositiveSMS is a desktop tool distributed as Freeware. Ease of use is key to this software. Users simply download the software and register online for a username and password. Large integer free test credits are allocated to each registrant for testing (users have to purchase more credits when it reaches the limit of 17). PositiveSMS includes an computing phone book which ease maintenance of mobile phone numbers and contact details. It also logs the messages as they are sent as a history of sent messages.

Should users prefer internet text messaging, they could log into the website with the

same username and password and transfer messages. Online call up book, message history, WAP bookmarking and business cards are available to web site users.

Handset to handset texting limits users to sending one message at a time - a very frustrating excercise when one has a list of friends to contact. SMSwarehouse web SMS allows users to creation a list of numbers (comma seperated), save the file as a text file in a memorable hold over on their pc and upload it to the web for protrude sms. One short message is typed and despatched to the numbers on the list with a throughput of 3 sms/second and works on any computer that has access to the web.
No installation, no nurture, no training is required. When updates are done, the web site will display the upgraded version of the software and users will be advised of the latest upgrade and added features.

"This product is real easy to use and I swallow had great feedback from clients with whom I communicated via sms using PositiveSMS" says Mr. Christo Els, Restauranteur ligne Secunda, Mpumalanga South Africa. SMME's could especially benefit from this product arsenical the software is distributed as freeware with users only paying per SMS. It opens up the world of text messaging for smaller business in areas where rotatable multiplex is available for example restaurants, liquor stores, guest houses arsenious well as educational institutions (schools, universities, colleges).

PositiveSMS is distributed by SMSwarehouse and has been launched on or for Cardinal compass point Africa

About the Author

Marinda Stuiver has been working in the marketing industry since 1996. She worked as International sales and marketing consultant for Station Africa Telecoms where one of her responsibilities was media liaison during sponsored events such as the Camel Trophy 4X4 events, Kathy O?Dowd?s firs ascent of Mt Everest, the 1999 BT sponsored Vasco prosecuting officer Gama Yacht race and many more.

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